In order to clear up to our potential y present customers some of the topics that emerge normally related to our products, our sales politics, delivering timing, prizes, colors and other aspects related to marketing, we have developed these questions and its answers:

Can I buy products on line?

You can contact us by e-mail and we'll answer you the same way in the day.

Where can I acquire the products?

If you are an individual buyer: at the most important shops around the country or asking for the ones in your residence zone by e-mail. If you are a corporation buyer: contact us by e-mail or by phone.
In any case we'll pleasantly advise you, as soon as possible.

Are there any volume purchase discounts?

Yes, there are.

Can you deliver outside the country?

Yes, we can.

How long have you been trading agendas and manufactured leather?

Our first edition of the Pocket model was in 1973. Since then we have been increasing our products line, agendas as well as manufactured leathers, for more than 30 years.

How must I proceed if I need a Refill for an agenda?

Agendas are edited annually, having some models available from May on. In August the complete line is available.

Can I customize the products?

You can, of course, “customize” products. This includes much more of “customize” (put initials or complete name). Meaning that we are an “agendas boutique” and corporative agendas are our specialization, that can be transformed in “unique” agendas by mean of one or several of the following resources: intercalated pages, specially back cover and first page printed , additional books with corporative information, company isologues in every page, marker ribbon with your company isologues, special golden o silver corners, corporative colors packaging and special designs. Any of the added graphical material can be printed in one of four colors.
We make special printings for exclusive editions based on your own design or designing ourselves from zero, according to your request.

Can I ask for different colors agendas?

Each client chooses the color of the products he buys. You will find in each model the colors available for a specific material.

When is it better to make the purchase order?

Our line agendas are printed from March on. You can start thinking on your agendas! Anticipating your purchase will allow you access to special services to give your agendas a real corporative profile.


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